Water Features

As you may have gathered from our name, our specialty is water features, waterfalls and ponds of all varieties from a large custom outdoor feature with rocks set with a crane to a modest indoor feature built into the cabinetry of a modern house.  We have been building waterfalls for many years and have culled from many philosophies of pond-building to create our own natural artistry.  This typically utilizes elements like moss rock, cobblestones and driftwood to give the feature the sense of age so that it looks like it has just always been there.  Another aspect of our construction philosophy incorporates elements of design that mimic what you find in nature, such as using various depths, angles and types of waterfalls to create that melody of sound that is peaceful and serene.  All this comes from experience and we would love to create a masterpiece in your yard today!


A beautiful landscape can include any number of elements, whether a custom-crafted one-of-a-kind water feature to a narrow-gap flagstone patio to a structural retaining wall holding up a driveway.  Our company has specialized in certain areas of your landscape as you can see from our gallery, but are also able to complete your total landscape from start to finish.  Whatever you can dream up, we can bring together for you.  If you want a flagstone patio, you can be sure we will excavate the area properly and compact the base so you do not have any settling over time and cut the flagstone with gaps between stones down to an 1/4" or less, finishing it off with polymeric sand which binds together and makes a concrete-like joint with does not crack like concrete.  Or perhaps a block, timber or natural stone retaining wall built to last -- we neve cut corners in our construction; it will be done right or we will not do it at all!

Fire Mitigation

Do you have defensible space?  Are you FireWise?  If you live in the wildland-urban interface you know what I am talking about.  You are surrounded by a beautiful forest of trees in the great and beautiful setting that many of us enjoy in Colorado, but have you thought about what would happen if a fire threatened your home?  Would you be safe, would your home survive, would you lose your trees?  Fire mitigation involves reducing our fire risk to an acceptable level.  To do this, we will do a walk-through of your property starting at your house and working our way outward, looking for areas of high risk first and suggesting treatment methods.  We are experienced and trained to know what trees need to go and which can stay and maintain an artistic landscape that is safe.  The owner is a volunteer wildland firefighter who has the knowledge and skill to make your home and property as safe as possible.  Call us today!

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